Reasons Why Razor Scooter Charger Light Stays Red

4 Reasons Why Razor Scooter Charger Light Stays Red

The red light from the razor scooter charger indicates the battery is charging. That means the battery is taking charge, and the light will turn green when it is completely charged. But does your Razor scooter charger light stay red? So, you are here because you are overwhelmed to know why the Razor scooter light stays red. When the battery is damaged, the charger light never turns green.

The battery is electric scooter’s primary power source. If, for any reason, something inconsistent is found in the charger or battery, we blame the battery. However, in most cases, the battery is the main problem. You should know other reasons why your scooter charger is always red.

How Razor Scooter Charging System Works?

Razor scooter battery made with a lead-acid battery. It decreases its life very fast if not appropriately maintained. The older the lead-acid battery, the longer it takes to charge fully. This incident is familiar with every lead-acid battery available in our electric scooter. It will ultimately damage when you drain it all the way. 

You may ask, how long does it take to damage permanently? We have met many razor scooter users. According to our observation, it takes approximately 10 to 12 months to damage a lead-acid battery permanently. Therefore, you can understand the last battery life when it takes too much time to charge fully.

Why Razor Scooter Charger Light Stays Red?

Usually, the Razor scooter charger light should flash red when the battery is charging. After a period, it is fully charged, and the charger flashing green means the battery is ready to use. Now, suppose you notice any abnormal situation as the charger’s green light stays on constantly or the red light stays on though the charging time exceeds. In that case, you have to deal with a faulty battery or charger.

Here you will know four reasons behind charger red light problem.

Problem-1: Defective Charger

A charger is a tool that can damage at any time. So even though a charger is durable for a long time, we should check every issue. A faulty charger can be the reason of Razor scooter battery is not charging. 

  • Check if the temperature is more than 20° C or not. At lower temperatures, the battery charger does not work.
  • If a charger is not used for more than six months, it becomes inoperable.
  • If some of the charger circuits burn out, the charger won’t charge the battery. 
  • Check the charger voltage. Voltage zero means the charger is damaged. 


Buy a new charger from the servicing centre where you bought the scooter. They will provide you genuine charger. However, a lead-acid battery is sensitive. So, try to refrain from using local aftermarket chargers as much as possible.

Problem-2: Damaged Charging Port

A damaged charging port prevents the charger from charging the battery. If you don’t find any problem with the charger, check the charger port you always use. There might be a charging port issue. Check the voltage using a voltmeter. You will understand if the battery is not holding the charger. Also, check the connectors and charging cables.


If the Razor scooter battery is not charging because of the charging port, then contact customer care for a solution. You can also claim warranty service if you have one.

Problem-3: Short Circuit

If water enters the electric scooter for any reason, there is a possibility of a battery short circuit. It is a troublesome problem because electric scooters have a built-in battery. It is tough to remove them from the deck. You cannot troubleshoot this problem. But you need to take a fast approach. Otherwise, you may need to replace the battery.

Always avoid harsh rain while driving an electric scooter. Now, follow some simple steps to revive your water-damaged battery. If it works, then you are lucky.


  • Turn off the bike.
  • Wipe all water from the scooter.
  • Remove the battery as soon as possible.
  • Let the battery dry itself. Don’t use any dryer machine.
  • Re-install the battery in the scooter.

If the scooter works perfectly, charge the battery until it is complete.

Problem-4: Dead Battery

The lifespan of a Razor scooter battery is usually about 18 months. However, it lasts less than 18 months if you are a rough rider. In many cases, the electric scooter’s battery is dead within a year. Because of a dead battery, the Razor scooter light stays red. If there is any defect in the battery, your bike won’t charge. 


Only the technician can troubleshoot the dead battery problem. However, if it is possible to repair the battery, they will do it. Otherwise, you have to replace a new battery.

How to Check the Razor Scooter Battery is Damaged?

If the charging port and charger are ok, you can go through the procedure to ensure the battery is dead. Here are the steps – 

  • Connect the charger properly with the battery and charging port.
  • Charge the battery for 8 hours continuously.
  • Now, test the bike to see if it will run.
  • If your bike is not running, there is a problem with your battery.

    Final Word 

    Razor scooters require proper battery maintenance. The battery won’t last long because of the lack of proper care. Sudden battery dead is unacceptable. If your Razor scooter charger light stays red always, you have to go through a troubleshooting method. Also, you have to be careful to maintain the razor scooter battery.

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