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Bosch EBike Charger not Working [Solved]

Bosch eBike charger is widely used for eBikes. The battery is eBike’s power source, and a charger is the power supplier to the battery. If the charger is not working, how do you charge the eBike battery? Bosch is a famous brand for making original and high-quality e-bike chargers. But common problems of eBikes like Bosch eBike charger not working won’t leave us.

Bosch eBike charger comes with a long lifespan. In most cases, it is the user who messes with these devices. eBike’s every component, especially the battery, should be adequately maintained, and people fail to do so. In this article, you will learn why Bosch eBike charger is not working and how to troubleshoot eBike charger.

Common Problems with ebike

Spending on eBikes is nothing but just testing problems for more people. Today this one, tomorrow another one, eBike users have to go through every day with such minor issues. The most troublesome problem is the battery and charger not working. Even reputed brands of chargers like Bosch also fail to perform smoothly. Here, we try to show some common problems eBike users face often.

  • The battery is not charging.
  • The charger is not working.
  • eBike won’t start.
  • The e-bike is not speeding up.
  • The e-bike battery is not running long.

See? Most cases are related to battery and charger. We always suggest brand high-quality eBike chargers to our clients. Bosch charger was one of those recommendations. Many users get a fabulous result, but some unlucky users face that their Bosch eBike charger won’t work. 

We will show you the procedure for troubleshooting charger problems. Before that, we want to teach you the actual way to use an eBike charger and battery. Our interrogation results that if the user who is responsible for these problems. So, we think it is really necessary to teach you the proper method of eBike battery charging.

Why Is Bosch eBike Charger Not Working?

When an eBike is not charging, most people think there is a problem with the battery. While batteries are responsible for most of these problems, other components can sometimes cause a disturbance. eBike chargers are one of those components. 

In this article, we will talk about eBike chargers only. If you notice charging related issue, you may want to change the charger or battery. But in some cases, you will find the charger is good, but the problem is inside. We will highlight every possibility of eBike charger issues. You will get better ideas about what you should do and what not to do when Bosch eBike charger doesn’t work. 

Problem-1: Damaged Charger

It is the most common case we think about the charger while we notice the eBike battery is not charging. If the Bosch charger is defective, it won’t work, which is simple to understand. Though the Bosch charger is reputable as an electric device, it can be defective. Many times, users also cannot correctly maintain the charger and battery. In that case, our bike chargers are damaged before the expiry date. So, we should be careful while using our eBike and its every component.


Check the voltage of the charger using a voltmeter. If the voltmeter is not beeping, your charger is out. You should buy an original Bosch charger from a trusted store. You cannot risk buying duplicates from the black market or local stores. And also verify the product on their official website. Because even if you lack care, authentic products can withstand neglect for a long time.

You can also claim warranty service if the product is damaged during between warranty period.

Problem-2: Defected Outlet

It would be best to try a different outlet when you suddenly notice that the Bosch charger is not working. It can be the outlet which is unexpectedly damaged. In that case, you don’t need to change the charger. You should ask a technician to troubleshoot the outlet board.


We have not a single outlet in our house. So, you should try multiple outlets when you notice something wrong, especially with the charger. If the charger is good, you will get the solution very quickly.

Problem-3: Wrong Charger

Bosch has multiple eBike changers for different models. Not every charger needs to be compatible with every eBike model. So, if by mistake you pick the wrong charger, it won’t work. If it works, you won’t get 100% output. So, make sure you are using the correct Bosch eBike charger for your model.


Buy the charger for a particular model. The wrong charger won’t charge your eBike battery. If you get the wrong one, change it and buy the correct charger.

How to Check the Bosch eBike Charger Is Damaged?

There are two simple processes you can ensure if the Bosch charger is faulty or not. 

  • Plug in the charger in the outlet. The charger should blink a light. If no light is flashing, then the charger is finished.
  • Take a voltmeter and check the reading of the charger. You don’t get any voltage reading from the damaged charger.

Final Word 

It would be best if you had got answers to all the questions about Bosch eBike charger problems. You have learned all the charger details and its troubleshooting procedure. Now, you can take proper steps when your Bosch eBike charger is not working.

Hopefully, this Bosch eBike charger article will also help you understand the importance of battery and charger maintenance. We wish you good luck!

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