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How to Test E-Bike Battery

For those who ride electronic bikes, battery draining or damage is a common issue they face many times. So, we need to check the e-bike battery health since you have been using it for a long time. To find out the root of all cases, it is essential to know how to test e-bike battery

Many people think if you have some sort of bike problem like the bike doesn’t power on if it’s fully charged, or won’t turn on or won’t function, then it could be the battery. Or, it could be the connection with the battery. 

So, let’s see how to check the e-bike battery.

How Do I Test My Electric Bike Battery?

There are two effective ways to test the e-bike battery. 

  • Without any tools (Road Test).
  • With multimeter.

There might be other ways to check the battery, but the above two ways provide the optimum testing result. We will discuss those ways one by one. 

How to Check E-Bike Battery?

A road test is one of the best ways to check the health and performance of the battery. You don’t need to arrange any extra tools to do this test. This method helps you test the battery manually to see if it is working perfectly or not. 


  • Keep the battery of the bike fully charged for one day.
  • You should check the voltage of the battery after it is fully charged.
  • If it holds the voltage for a while, the battery will be balanced.
  • Take a short ride at full speed with your bike. 
  • Don’t choose a high traffic road for the ride.
  • Cover 10 to 15 miles swiftly.
  • Observe your speed and distance.
  • Ride the bike until the battery runs out.

After completing the above steps, you have to do some math to find out the result. Here is an easy equation to check e-bike battery health.

The distance you ride (Miles)*100\Original battery capacity

Check the original battery capacity before purchasing the e-bike battery.

How to Test E-Bike Battery with Multimeter?

A multimeter is very handy if you want to do any sort of electrical diagnostic or your own sort of bike maintenance. These multimeters are available in the 30 to 60 buck range. Since it is a versatile tool, you need it many times for your home appliance. You must use a digital multimeter to get an accurate result.

Here are the steps of testing e-bike battery with multimeter

Steps 1

  • Remove the battery from the vehicle. 
  • Find positive and negative points of your e-bike battery.
  • Please turn on the multimeter and set it into DC mode.
  • Use the black cable on the negative battery terminal.
  • Use the red cable on the positive battery terminal.
  • Check the multimeter reading.

We have checked the voltage reading after charging the battery. You have remembered it, right? The battery can produce accurate voltage if the multimeter reading is the same as that voltage reading. There is another way to check the battery using a multimeter without removing the battery from the e-bike.

Steps 2

  • Charge the battery minimum of 8 hours before checking.
  • Position the bike properly to get the battery terminals quickly.
  • Power off the bike.
  • Set the multimeter in DC or VDC modes.
  • Take the multimeter DMM probes.
  • Contact the probes with the battery terminals.
  • Take a minimum of three voltage readings.
  • Ensure the wheel does not spin.

Measure the bike voltage and battery voltage. If the battery voltage is lower than the bike voltage, make sure to replace the battery fast.


Why my 36v battery is Dead?

Ans. Your 36v battery is not dead because of the voltage. There is nothing wrong with the voltage. Its cutoff is set for about 31 or 32 volts. It might be ruined because of another reason.

How much does it cost to replace an e-bike battery?

Ans. The price of an e-bike battery depends on its quality, and the cost varies from $500 to $900. 

How long do e-bike batteries last?

Ans. An e-bike battery lasts up to three years. This lifetime depends on proper maintenance, quality and type of the battery.

Why is My Electric Bike Battery not Turning On? 

Ans. Every electric bike battery has a life cycle time. After that time, it won’t work correctly. The most common reason for your battery to be discharged is if the bike has been unused for several months. Thus, it degrades the battery cells. As a result, your e-bike’s performance is badly affected.


If you buy a new e-bike, you must check if the seller makes the battery. It is crucial to ensure the authentication of the battery. Moreover, sometimes you may encounter a situation where you want to test the battery of your e-bike before going for a replacement. 

That’s why you should know how to test e-bike battery. We have provided proper guidelines to check the battery. Always remember that proper maintenance can increase the longevity of the battery.

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