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Rad Power Bike Won’t Turn On.

A rad power bike is an electric bike with a motor and display meter, which are missing in regular bikes. That makes the difference between riding and using both types of bikes. On regular bikes, we don’t see any problem regarding on-off, which many people face on e-bikes. If you are searching for the reason for your rad power bike not turning on, you are at the correct place. 

We have seen many people suffering from e-bike battery issues, breaking, and gear-related subjects, besides bikes not turning on matters. Some users prefer to replace the battery, but always that does not give any absolute result. So, we will discuss why our rad power bike won’t turn on and how to troubleshoot this problem. This article may help you to delete some miss concepts from your mind.

What Should You Do Before Your First E-Bike Ride?

The full power of an e-bike comes from its battery. And many users make their first wrong step with the battery. When they purchase a new bike, they won’t charge it properly before going for a ride. It is the first mistake they make with a new bike that can damage the battery heavily. We recommend making a double-check before you turn on your new bike

  • Make sure to charge the battery completely until the charger lights green.
  • Lock the battery with the bike properly using a key. Take help from the user’s manual if necessary.
  • Then hold the power button until the display turns on. 

Now, when your electric bike doesn’t turn on, the display won’t light up. It is our leading problem, and not many people aware of the actual reason. So, we will highlight some common reasons behind this problem, and after reading this article, you will learn how to turn the light on of the rad power bike.

Why Won’t My Electric Bike Turn On?

Many times, you will notice that the rad power bike refuses to turn on. Whatever you do, you can’t turn on the display. Troubleshooting is fundamental in this situation. The possible reasons are given below:

Problem 1: Low Charged Battery

Many times, e-bikes won’t start because of a low-charged battery. A low battery cannot produce enough power to run an e-bike. If it turns on, it won’t give you enough performance. 


Please charge the battery properly before starting the bike and fully charge it when it is new. When the battery is full, the bike will start on the first attempt.

 Problem 2: Overpowered Battery

Rad power e-bikes include a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion battery needs proper maintenance so that these batteries can offer a long lifetime. That means you cannot use it in low power and cannot overcharge it. Expert says lithium battery should charge up to 80% to 85% for extended battery life. So, if you constantly charge the battery, it may create problems during turning on the bike. 

It is a problem that many people overlook. But you should notice it and take care of it.


Don’t overcharge the battery, and try to maintain a decent battery level before charging the e-bike battery every time. 

Problem 3: Loose Connections

There are some primary connectors inside the e-bike. If those terminals get loose for any reason, then the bike will not start. We have indicated five such primary terminals.

· The battery connector.

· The Jumper cable. 

· Rad UI display cable.

· Rad UI remote cable.

· The wiring harness cable.

Those connections lead, which powers the battery in the e-bike motor, computer, and throttle control. If you regularly ride an e-bike on rough roads, there is a good chance of losing connections. You may also notice a small amount of debris, mud, and dirt between the links. These elements stop the battery from working correctly.


To solve this problem, you will need a professional. The owner’s hand can be risky to do this job. Before taking the bike for maintenance, remove the battery and discharge the remaining battery power. Unplug every connector, clean dirt, and knock a professional to reconnect the connectors. The rad power bike should turn on now.

Problem 4: Damaged Sensors

An e-bike has multiple sensors because it is a modern bike developed in modern sensing technology. If the motor hall sensor is damaged, the bike won’t turn on. 

Moreover, there is a spoke magnet on your wheel that must be aligned exactly with the sensor to display it on your e-bike computer. If this sensor is not aligned accurately with the spoke magnet, your computer display will still show zero miles per hour while cycling your e-bike.

Even you may find the bike’s power is low because of the lack of sensor alignment. 


You can re-align the position of the sensor by using the user manual guide. We don’t recommend you to do this if you are not an expert in this job. You must need the help of a professional to re-align sensors.

Problem 5: Water Inside the Battery

After washing the e-bike, water can access the battery and damage battery components. If it happens with your bike, both the battery and bike won’t work. Though most e-bike manufacturers will seal the motor and battery pack to prevent water from entering the electrical components, accidents can happen anytime. It would be best if you did not take any risks. Keeping your e-bike dry is a good practice.


When water enters the battery, the battery component stops working means the battery becomes dead. In that case, you have to replace the battery. If you keep your bike always dry after washing or raining, you hardly face this problem.

Final Word 

We think our rad power bike won’t turn on because of the battery. But always battery is not the main issue. Some other reasons can occur with your bike that prevents the bike from starting. However, battery-related problems are most visible. 

In this article, we try to highlight every possible reason to make you aware of the problem of why rad power bike will not turn on. We have included a troubleshooting method also. If you face such a problem, the final suggestion is to try to contact an expert. Then you will get the best possible solution.

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